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Kerala Vyapari Vyavasayi Ekopana Samithy conducted a historic “Parliament March” on 2nd December 1998 demanding changes in “Prevention Of Food Adulteration Law of 1954”.K.V.V.E.S State President Sri. T. Nazruddin inaugurated the march. Sri. Sarad Pawar, then Opposition Leader of Parliament, Kerala M.Ps P.C.Chacko, Suresh Kurup, V.M Sudhiran, Mullappally Ramachandran, E. Ahemad, P. Shankaran, George Edan, Vakkachan Mattathil and P.C. Thomas facilitated the “Parliament March”. Some of the important demands of the Memorandum submitted to the Prime Minister, Sri. Adal Bihari Vajpai, are as follows:-

Prevention of Food Adulteration Act to be implemented at the producing centres.
At the very production level quality of the products to be certified.
The Products having no quality certification from the concerned authorities to be banned from marketing.
To implement the report submitted by Kerala State Assembly in 1992.
Save innocent small traders from the unwarranted penal procedur
Mercantile Bank
Mercantile Bank was established to make easy loans available to businessmen and industrialists. With the approval of the Reserve Bank of India, Mercantile Bank started operations from Kozhikode Vyapar Bhavan. This bank functions under the co-operative sector. All the directors of the bank are state level functionaries of KVVES. Branches are soon to be opened in other districts of Kerala.

Institute of Professional Studies and Research(IPSR)
KVVES has steadfastly striven for the welfare of society. The Institute of Professional Studies and Research, an Info-Management institute, was born out this sense of commitment to social good.

IPSR is a prem ier IT and management institute. There is a dearth of good IT and Management Institutes in Kerala. Students from Kerala have to migrate to neighboring states for quality education in these fields. IPSR aims to fill this vacuum. It offers need-based courses that will go a long way in putting Kerala on the fast track of growth in the emerging IT sector.

Videsha Vyapari Development Samithi(VVDS)
VVDS is the outcome of a joint venture of KVVES and Non Resident Keralites. Membership of VVDS opens up a host of privileges and schemes for Non Resident Keralite businessmen.

Mutual Help Schemes
Mutual Help Schemes are aimed at helping financially backward members within KVVES.These schemes are launched in the KVVES units with the permission of district or state committees. About 90% of the KVVES units are successfully running these schemes.

Head Load Workers Board
The Head Load Workers Board was formed with the objective of organizing head load workers into a responsible and committed workforce under the Worker’s Union. One of the commendable achievements of this board was that it raised the head load workers to the grade of salaried employees. This board has the distinction of being the first of its kind in Asia.

Traders Welfare Board
As a result of the persistent efforts of the KVVES a special Traders Welfare Board was formed. This body is also the first of its kind in Asia. KVVES representatives are members of the Board and it functions under government supervision. The board enjoys annual financial aid from the government.

Analytical Laboratory
The Analytical Laboratory was set up at Kozhikode Vyapar Bhavan under the Private Sector. This laboratory is India’s first adulteration detection center. The center examines food items and water and analyzes their purity. This service is offered at a very nominal rate.

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