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Preparation of Common Fungicides

Bordeaux Mixture
Dissolve 1kg. powdered copper sulphate in 50 liters of water. In another 50 liters of water, prepare milk of lime with 1kg. of quick lime. Pour the Copper Sulphate solution into the milk of lime slowly, stirring the mixture all the while. Always use wooden, earthen or copper vessels for preparation.

Bordeaux Paste
Dissolve 100gms. of copper sulphate and 100gms of quick lime each in 500 ml.of water separately. Mix together to make one liter of the paste

Cheshnut Compound
The compound contains 60 gm of copper sulphate and 330 gm. of Ammonium Carbonate. These two are well powdered and thoroughly mixed. The dry mixture is stored in an airtight glass container for 24 hours before use. About 25 gm of the mixture is dissolved in one liter hot water and solution is made upto 8 liters with cold water and used for soil drenching.


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