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Ceramics Care

  1. Ceramics are delicate things and need careful handling. Remember they are mounds of clay moulded into beautiful creations by the imagination of an artist.    
  2. The composition of the clay, the temperature at which it is fired and the glaze that is used determine what kind of ceramic it becomes.
  3. Earthenware is clay fired at a lower temperature. It is porous and needs glaze to make it waterproof. Dusting best cleans this kind of ceramic.
  4. Stoneware is clay treated at high temperature. It is thick and impervious.
    Non-porous ceramics can be hand washed. Dishwashers can however cause ceramics to chip or crack. Fill a basin with soft cloth or foam. Fill with water and wash with mild liquid soap. Do not allow pieces to soak. Air dry after rinsing.
  5. Mishandling is the biggest cause of ceramic chipping or breaking. Remember to hold them by their strong points. Ceramics are vulnerable at their joints. So never lift by spouts or handles.
  6. Stack plates between felt or cloth cushions and wrap larger items in proper padding.
  7. Keep antique ceramic dishes and bowls away from heat. Sudden change in temperature can darken existing stains and promote cracks.
  8. A little care, and your ceramics can last forever.


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