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Pamper with Pearls

All about Pearls

Chinese fresh water pearls are produced by a certain type of clams as opposed to salt water pearls produced by oysters. Cultured pearls are made by inserting a round bead made with treated mother-of-pearl. This process results in a perfectly rounded pearl unlike the natural pearls which may come in a wide variety of shapes from tiny oblongs to drop shaped pearls.

The quality of pearls is determined by four factors:
Its shape, luster, smoothness and size. The real test of pure pearls is density. Fake pearls are not heavy and look as if they will float away. The second test is to bite a pearl. A real pearl won’t scratch. If the hole shows indentations or is larger than a pinpoint, then it has been machine drilled.


Pearl Care

  1. Keep your pearls in a separate pouch to protect them from being scratched by other jewellery.
  2. Don’t let your pearls rub together.
  3. To clean pearls, wipe them with a clean cloth moistened with a mild soap and water. Rinse.  
  4. Dry with a soft cloth.
  5. Have your pearls restrung regularly at least once a year.


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