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KVVES History

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It was in 1978 that some prominent businessmen and industrialists met at Ernakulam to discuss the formation of an organization of merchants. Such an organization would develop a better cooperartion among the merchants and also safeguard their interests.

In 1980, the headload workers of Trichur went on strike. This incident provided the necessary stimulus for the formation of KVVES. Businessmen and industrialists met at Trichur and formed the Kerala Vyapari Vyavasayi Ekopana Samithy. The association decided to shut down all the shops in Trichur. After 56 days of stalemate, under the mediation of Kaldaya Bishop Paulose Mar Paulose, the strike ended.

An adhoc committee was formed for the Administration of the Institute. This committee had 9 members:- State President : Sri. C.M.George (Trichur) General Secretary : Sri.M.O.John (Trichur) Vice President : Sri. Achutha Bhaskar (Palakkad) Vice President : Sri. Vasudevan Nair (Trivandrum) Vice President : Sri. A. Pookunju (Kasargode) Secretary : Sri. Alex. M. Chacko (Pathanamthitta) Secretary : Sri. K. Hassan Koya (Kozhikode) Secretary : Sri. S. Ravindranath (Idukki) In 1981, KVVES was registered under the Indian Charitable Societies Act 262/81. As per the constitution of KVVES, elections are held every two years, at the unit, district and state levels to elect the office bearers.

The adhoc committee remained in charge till 1985 when fresh elections were held. The new committee members were:- State president : Mr. A. Pookunju Kasargod General Secretary : Mr. T. Nazuruddin Kozhikode Tresurer : Mr. K.V.Kunjan Cannanore. The committee that came to power after the 1991 elections comprised the following members:- State President : Sri T. Nazuruddin Kozhikodu General Secretary : Sri:K. Hassan Koya Cannanore. Treasurer : Sri: T.D.Joseph Kottayam. The committee elected in 1999 consisted of:- State President : Sri: T. Nazuruddin Kozhikode. General Secretary : Sri: K. Hassan Koya Cannanore. Tresurer : Sri: T.D.Joseph Kottayam.

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