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Kerala Tourism

A 600 KM coastline stretch of bewitching lush green beauty, God’s own land is the hotspot for those yearning for peace, tranquility and mother nature’s soothing touch.
Listed by the National Geographic Traveller as one of the ’50 places of a lifetime’, this land of scintillating emerald is a collage of superb beaches, criss crossing lakes and backwaters, sprawling rubber, pepper and cardamom plantation and mist-draped mountains. Rich in culture and art forms, this cradle of Ayurveda, has a history as rich as its natural bounties. To know more about kerala visit


Home stays in Kerala

Homestay is a unique opportunity for all kinds of travelers to gain firsthand experience of a place. You get a first and experience of the place, culture, traditions and people. It is unlike staying in a hotel and truly a home away from home.
In homestay, one gets to interact with the host family as one is staying in their house. It is far more economical and exciting than staying in hotels.

visit:    http://www.keralahomestaysonline.com

Educational Tourism
Visit kerala and get international certifications while on a holiday

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