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Art & Craft

Art & Craft in Kerala



Adorn your walls by transforming dried leaves into a tastefully made wall hanging.


Materials required:
1. hard cardboard measuring 25cm. by 30cm.
2. 8 tender coconut tops
3. a few dried twigs and leaves
4. A few poppy seeds
5. 30cm. by 35cm. dark colored cotton cloth and glue.

Dry the coconut leaves completely. Stick the cloth over the hard cardboard, covering it entirely. Trace a design of flowers and leaves on it. Stick poppy seeds on the centers of the coconut tops, to make flowers, leaves and twigs according to the design. Your picture is ready to be framed and hung.


A small dried branch of citrus to add beauty to your interiors


Materials Required
1. A Small branch of citrus
2. Varnish
3. Thermo Cole balls
4. Cotton


Let the branch dry for a few weeks. Now varnish it and allow it to dry for an hour or two. Arrange the tree in such a way as to suit the room. Stick the thermo Cole along the edges and put cotton on it randomly and here is a thing to add beauty to your living room.


A beautiful wall hanging from Old Christmas cards and a piece of tile/Marble


Materials Required

1. A piece of tile.
2. An old Christmas card.
3. Thermo Cole
4. Adhesive

Cut the picture from the Christmas card( the pictures of dolls, etc. will be more suitable than flowers). Draw the outline of the picture on the thermo Cole and cut along the outline. Paste the picture on the thermo Cole. Allow it to dry and paste the same to the marble/tile piece. Give some background designs using fabric paint to give it a classic look.


One more, easy way to decorate your home with nothing more than a packet plaster-of-Paris and old Christmas cards


Materials Required
1. One packet of Plaster-of-Paris
2. Old Pictures e.g. From Christmas Cards.
3. Water
4. Oil (a little)
5. Bowl
6. Twine (6 to 7 inches long)

Mix the powder with water to make it into a paste (not too thick and not too long). Oil the inside of the bowl completely. Cut the picture so that it can be put in the middle of the bowl. Now put the picture facing inwards. Put the powder paste into the bowl up to the rim of the bowl. Put the twine through the side of the mixture and let it dry for 24 hours. Next day, take the whole thing from the bowl and could be hung on the wall to give the view of a picture.


A beautiful flower vase without flowers.


Materials Required
1. Dried rubber seeds(100 no.s)
2. Thin sticks from the palm leaves (eerkili)(100 No.s).
3. Any type of white paint.
4. A flower vase.


Varnish all the rubber seeds and make a hole on each of them. Paint the sticks white and allow it to dry. Put the sticks through the hole of the seeds to fix the seeds at the edge of the sticks. Put mud or something like that inside the vase and place the other side of the sticks in the flower vase. Keep it on a high stool to add beauty to your living room.


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