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Barbecue Baraat
Its red, its hot, its barbecue….zzz..ha..
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  • They say variety is the spice of life. Try fish, poultry, corn on the cob and jacket potatoes, all of which can be cooked easily on a barbecue. It makes a great change from the same old steaks and sausages.
  • Improvise tangy marinades for your steaks and chops with tomato ketchup, chopped onions, garlic and Worcestershire sauce.
  • If you are into exotica you could make kebabs with cut up parboiled sausages, onion, pineapple chunks, tomato and capsicum. Combine minced meat onions, and season with a chunk of cheese or pineapple, wrap in foil and grill over the coals.
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  • If you are short of space on the grid, then wrap the potatoes on aluminium foil and put them straight on the charcoal. This can be done easily with corn on the cob too; though don’t give it as long a grilling time.    
  • Light the fire well before you want your dinner, because charcoal takes about half an hour to get really hot. If you try cooking on charcoal that is anything less than that, you’ll find your food underdone.  
  • Cut the fat off meat before cooking. Otherwise it drips in to the fire and makes it flare up. To compensate for the fat, you can baste the meat with 85gms of butter and half a glass of white wine.  
  • If you are grilling sausages, boil them in cold water before the barbecue begins. This helps them cook quicker.


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