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Registration of Industrial Units

Issue of permits

(1) Every registered dealer who transacts business at places other than his registered place or places of business or employs a traveling salesman or representative to transact business as aforesaid, shall obtain a permit issued under this Act authorizing himself or [permitting him to authorize,] the traveling salesman or representative so to do.

(2) The entire turnover of business carried on under the permit shall be included and accounted for by the registered dealer in his accounts and returns and shall be dealt with as if it were the turnover of business done by the registered dealer himself at the registered place of business.

(3) Every permit holder shall carry the permit with him and shall produce it on demand by any officer if the Sales Tax Department empowered by the Government in this behalf. He shall maintain and produce on demand to any such officer a true and correct account of all the transactions carried on under the permit and also a stock book showing the quantities of goods held by him, the quantities disposed o from day to day by sales or otherwise and the balance on hand at the end of each day.

(4) An application for the permit referred to in Sub-section (1) shall be made to such authority, in such manner and within such period as may be prescribed and shall be accompanied by [a fee of fifty rupees.] 22[Explanation :- A dealer may make a single application for all the permits required by him together with the prescribed fee for each permits applied for.]

(5) If the prescribed authority is satisfied that the application is in order, and that the particulars furnished therein are correct, it shall issue the permit in the prescribed form.

(6) A permit issued under Sub-section (5) shall be valid for a year and shall be renewed from year to year on receipt of an application from the registered dealer accompanied by [a fee of fifty rupees.]

(7) The prescribed authority shall cancel a permit; (a) on requisition made in writing by the registered dealer, or (b) on the cancellation of the certification of registration.

(8) The prescribed authority may cancel a permit if the permit holder has contravened any of the terms or conditions of the permit or any of the provisions of this Act or the rules made hereunder.

(9) No permit shall be cancelled under Sub-section (8) unless the person affected has been given a reasonable opportunity of being heard.


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