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Flower Power
Saying it with flowers
When it comes to showing somebody that you care, flowers are one idea that can never go stale. Here are some meanings that will help you chose flowers to suit the occasion.
What’s in a rose?   
Red Rose I love you
Pink Rose Please believe me; perfect happiness
Yellow Rose Friendship
Deep Pink Rose Thank You
White Rose Innocence; purity
White and red mixed Unity
Assorted roses together You are everything to me
Lavender rose Enchantment
Peach rose Desire
Some more flower meanings   
Aster Afterthought
Begonia Beware
Bluebell Humility
Cactus Endurance
Candytuft Indifference
Carnation (pink) I’ll never forgive you
Carnation (purple) Capriciousness
Carnation (red) My heart aches for you
Carnation (yellow) Rejection
Chrysanthemum (white) Truth
Cosmos Modesty
Gladioli Strength of Character
Ivy Wedded love
Marigold Grief
Orchid Love, Beauty, Chinese symbol for many children
Phlox Our souls are united

About Us

www.vyaparinet.com is a massive e-com initiative undertaken by ipsr solutions limited under the patronage of Kerala Vyapari Vyavasayi Ekopana Samithi(KVVES) , which is an association of the businessmen and industrialists of Kerala, the largest such association in the world.

Vyaparinet.com is conceptualized, designed and maintained by ipsr solutions ltd. ipsr solutions ltd is the first public limited IT services and solutions company in Kottayam. The Institute of Professional Studies and Research(IPSR) is the training arm of ipsr solutions Ltd. IPSR is promoted by the members of KVVES and is administered by SESS.The IPSR group is headquartered in Kottayam. It has branches in Calicut and and Kochi and Tie-Up centers in leading Educational Organisations all over Kerala.

ipsr solutions also promotes Kerala Web Directory, which is an online directory of Kerala related websites.

The challenge of bringing every business undertaking in Kerala on the Internet map is a tough one and we propose to go about it in a phased manner. What you see is a very nascent stage of the site and we request you to excuse us for the inadequacies and shortcomings you may encounter.

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