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1. Hatch back

• entry level
• mid size
• high end

2. Sedan
• Compact sedan
• mid size Sedan
• high end Sedan

3. Cross Over

4. Compact SUV

5. MPV

6. SUV

7. Luxury

• Hatch back
• Sedan

8. Super Cars


1. Entry level (100-125 cc)
2. Commuter (100-150cc)
3. 150 cc
4. 250 cc (Quarter litre)
5. sports
6. Touring
7. Cruiser
8. Trans-roader
9. miniature super bikes
10. Super bikes


1. Ladies
2. Unisex
3. Gents
4. Classic

 Car care
  1. The Cost Factor: Available in small, medium and large sizes, a variety of cars are there in the market and one has to choose accordingly giving due consideration to one’s budget.
  2. The Exterior Maintenance – Use water and newspaper to clean the glass windows instead of branded glass cleaners and try not to use ammonia based cleaners as ammonia is harmful to leather , rubber and vinyl.
  3. Clean around the rear view mirror carefully. The slightest rough handling can break the glass loose from its frame.
  4. To wash the exterior of your clear-coated car, use natural washing tools like cotton cloth or washing mitt. Wash the wheels first and then wash the car from the top down. Shampoo your car once in a month.
  5. For fabric upholstery hand washing is the best. Use the brush in circular motions to agitate the upholstery . Use the suds from the top of your bucket and apply as little water as possible.
  6. For vinyl upholstery, use your favorite cleaner but here also, avoid using the household detergent. Use an old toothbrush to get the cleaner into the nooks and crevices, seams and edges, barks of seats and difficult corners.
  7. For leather upholstery, buying and maintenance is an expensive business. Different from fabric and vinyl upholstery leather needs to be cleaned one section at a time. Leather can be cleaned with a damp cloth after splashing it with your favorite leather cleaner. Rinse and wipe several times for better results.
  8. Tyres are an integral part of the car and has to be taken care to prevent crack and galvanic corrosion. Do not clean your wheels while they are still hot from driving.
  9. Do not use any bleach to whiten the whites of your tyre. They will discolour your trye in the long run and give them an unhealthy grey look.
  10. Clean your engine once in every few months. Remove all debris from your hood, the vent openings and the grills with a brush. Use an engine degreaser and apply underside upwards. Remove the degreaser by hosing down the entire engine compartment and surroundings areas. Let the engine dry.


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