Vegetable Carving, Fruit Carving, Salad Arrangement, Table Decoration

About the book

For those with patience, creativity, innovation and an eye for color, fruit and vegetable carving can be an immensely satisfying activity. And if you are one such person, this book is an excellent guide for you. Carved fruit and vegetable arrangements are dining table decorations that play a big role in a well laid out table. This book makes use of easily available fruits and vegetables as the medium to obtain wonderfully carved out vegetable decorations. Besides being a step-by-step guide for carving, this book also focuses on the fruit and vegetable selection procedures, tools for veg carving and table arrangements. It also encourages you to be creative and offers useful tips. And all this comes to you at a very nominal price of Rs.300/- + postage in India.

Now make flowers out of carrots, cranes out of radish, lilies out of onions and roses out of watermelons.

About the author

Mrs Kunjunjamma George, wife of Sri K.J. George IPS (Rtd) is a housewife. Creative art is a fascinaton for her. Painting, flower arrangements, fruit carving, vegetable carving, salad arrangements & decorations, clay modeling and cooking are areas where she has developed creative techniques exhibiting a high degree of craftsmanship.

"Mrs. Kunjunjamma is a natural…Her love of art helped her make a mark in exotic flower arrangements and on to vegetable carvings.She through her innovative ideas and skills has become a master craftswoman in this exciting art."
- Padmashree Thangam E. Philip

Contact Address

Mrs. Kunjunjamma George
Inchakalodil Karuvelil,
Kerala, India -689 121
Phone: 0479-2452822, 2454282
Roses & Flowers Carved from Carrot
Smashed potato used for shaping the parrot and beans used for the feathers. Roses from carrot
Carving flowers from vegetables & fish scales
Lilly and Rose Flowers from Fish Scales
Bunch of Rose flowers carved from Watermelon
Bunch of Roses carved from a single watermelon
shape of anthurium from papaya: carvings out of vegetables & fruits
Anthurium in Papaya's natural colour