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A Book on Quantitative Aptitude
Dr. J. Suresh Kumar
Having completed more than a decade in the field of Information technology, IPSR feels privileged to launch a book for students who plan to perform at their best in aptitude tests. This book Quantitative Aptitude will definitely prove to be a harbinger to their success, for students who look forward for a career in the broad career spectrum technology and management.
A Guide to Vegetable Carving & Salad Arrangement
Mrs. Kunjunjamma George
For those with patience, creativity, innovation and an eye for color, fruit and vegetable carving can be an immensely satisfying activity. And if you are one such person, this book is an excellent guide for you. Carved fruit and vegetable arrangements are dining table decorations that play a big role in a well laid out table. This book makes use of easily available fruits and vegetables as the medium to obtain wonderful carved out vegetable decorations. Besides being a step-by-step guide for carving, this book also focuses on the fruit and vegetable selection procedures, and table arrangements. It also encourages you to be creative.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
J K Rowling

Yet another Rowling masterpiece. Rowling again depicts her superb powers with words. Mystifying, enchanting and terrifying, with 636 pages, the book is the largest in the series. Harry Potter battles a new and appalling set of characters.


Owen and the Mountain
Malachy Doyle and Giles Greenfield

Owen’s granddad lives in a lonely cottage. When Owen visits him, he persuades his granddad to go for a trek on the nearby mountain. The experience has unexpected rewards for both Owen and his grandfather.



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